We will buy your items for a fair cost considering it’s current working state, item quality, market value, and demand for item.




We sell a variety of items ranging from your favorite DVD’s to home appliances and electronics. All for a competitive price.


Online Store


Our online store offers a great selection that can also be purchased at our local shop in case you are from out of state.

Shop Smart

It is a tough economy and saving money is something everyone should be looking forward to. Meanwhile, you have to budget for the everyday necessities in life such as food, gas, bills, and other obligations; there are many other things you don’t have to pay full price for and still acquire them. Some of these items can be purchased from us, mainly because in many cases, you’ll only need them once in your life or they are not worth budgeting for. Some of these items can be:

  • CDs & DVDs – Netflix, Redbox, Spotify, Pandora, and the infamous media pirating has made CDs and DVDs almost useless, however, it is always good to have a nice collection at hand and paying full price is not ideal for these items.
  • Tools – Unless you make a living as a repairman, chances are you will use a power tool once or twice as part of a project. Compare your frequency of use against a retail value.
  • Jewelry – As long as there is no warranty needed, buyin gjewelry from us can save you hundreds.
  • A spare TV – You may have a relative coming to spend a summer with you and need an extra TV, or decided to put one on a room you don’t spend too much time in. Come see us and you will find great prices.
  • Cameras – In today’s day and age everyone uses the phone as their camera, But if you are a photography afficionado, you will find great value in our cameras.
  • And more…