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We understand you have questions and concerns. The list below is a collection of our most frequent asked questions. If you can’t find your answer here, feel free to contact us and we will gladly answer your concerns.

help_outline Do you have a pawn service?

We are currently working on our pawning license. We will post it in our website as soon as it is ready. Stay in touch!

help_outline Do you buy/sell automobiles?

We don’t. At this moment, we do not have the storage capabilities to support auto purchases and sales. Stay in touch as it may happen very soon.

help_outline Are your prices competitive?

Yes. We mostly compete with other bargain organizations such as eBay and Amazon to ensure you get the best price without the hassle of shipping or the waiting period.

help_outline How does Central Penn Buy & Sell work?

Very simple! If you have an item you’d like to sell, bring it in and we will appraise it and give you a fair value. If you’d like to buy an item from us, simply visit our store and online catalog and let us know of your interest.

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