Best of 2022

2022 Award

Harrisburg Best of 2022

Central Penn Buy & Sell has been prestigiously recognized as best of 2022 in the city of Harrisburg for the pawn shop category. It shares a place amongst companies such as American Red Cross, Best Buy, Merril Lynch, Shell Oil Company, and more. It is our honor to be recognized and our duty to be held to such standards of excellence.

The best way to recycle your valuables

Tired of hauling and storing old junk and unnecessary items? A little pressed financially? You might be surprised of the potential your old values may have and we can help you today! Here are some important reasons why you should consider giving us a call.

treasure hunt

Treasure Hunt

Have you heard the famous phrase “one man’s trash, is another man’s treasure”? If you don’t need it, someone else may be looking for it.

Storage Claim

Storage Claim

Let’s be honest. How many times have you moved that box from residence to residence? Chances are, if you haven’t used it by now, you don’t need it!

Cash On Spot

Cash On Spot

An emergency can come at any time. Don’t wait to get cash in your hand, get your money today!

Save Money

Save Money

You are probably waiting for a huge sale at your local megastore – perhaps a holiday sale! It is always Black Friday at Central Penn Buy & Sell!

Check out our active eBay listings!

Don’t want to leave the house in the rain or snow? Out of state customer looking for great deals? Browse through our eBay store from the comfort of your home. Most items are a $5 flat rate shipping fee straight to your door.



Rest In Peace Litho D Ware

Litho D Ware

It is with a heavy weight in our hearts that we announce the passing of Central Pennsylvania Buy & Sell's owner and founder, Litho D Ware. Our operations, both online and in the shop will be haulted temporarily as we come up with a plan to continue onwards and upwards. We ask our customers and friends to forgive us for any inconvenience this may cause and to allow us to deal with our loss so that we can continue to service you as our beloved Litho intended to.